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During Festival Day weekend, parking is limited. On Friday night and all day Saturday, there aren’t any parking restrictions around the clubhouse, beach 1 parking lot, or the streets surrounding the clubhouse. On these days, you can park on the street. But please be respectful of our neighbors who live near the clubhouse. Do not block private driveways or park on private property. Please drive with caution as there are many people walking the streets throughout the Festival weekend.

On Sunday, there are police-enforced no parking regulations in effect on the streets surrounding the clubhouse. This includes White Meadow Road, Clubouse Way, and Upper Mountain Avenue. Please pay attention to the NO PARKING signs. Rockaway Township police will ticket your vehicle.

White Meadow Road is also closed on Sunday from approximately 11AM until 11PM from Hibernia Avenue to Clubhouse Way.

On Sunday, we operate 2 school buses throughout the day to provide transportation between the Festival and various locations around the lake. In particular, there is plenty of parking available at the Copeland Middle School, which is also a bus stop. Signs are posted around the lake at each bus stop. The buses run from approximately 1230PM Sunday afternoon until 1030PM Sunday night.

The bus stops are as follows. Also, below is a map showing each of the stops.

  • Clubhouse/ WML Preschool
  • Beach 3
  • West Lake Shore & Comanche
  • West Lake Shore & Jackson
  • Beach 2
  • Copeland Middle School
  • White Meadow Road & Senaca (at the “triangle”)
  • Wichita & Oakland
  • Back to Preschool